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Sport Pilot and Ultralight Training near Charlotte, NC

Everybody knows about the big air show/fly-ins, and most of the official EAA sponsored events are usually easy to hear about.
But what about the hundreds of small and impromptu fly-ins that take place all the time in the Carolinas?
How many have you missed because you simply didn't hear about it until too late?

Don't miss any more!

Here, we will gather the places, dates, and details and list them for your reference.
But more importantly, we will send out periodic email notifications listing upcoming events.
There is also an on-demand email bulletin that can be accessed from any cell phone with email capability.

We need your help!!

All you have to do is notify us of any fly-ins that you are hosting or heard about.
That's it! Just a quick email saying, "So and so is having a fly-in here on such and such day"
Even if it is only a few days away, we can send out an alert bulletin informing everyone of the new event.
We mainly cover North Carolina and South Carolina, but also areas of GA and VA that are close to the borders.

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This list will be for distribution only. That means that nobody can post directly to the list. Only official notifications will be sent to you.
I strongly advise subscribing as it is an efficient way to find out about last minute entries and cancellations.
Your email address will be kept completely confidential. We will not give your address to anyone - period. Your address is not even visible to other list members.
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For any questions or comments, contact the site admin, Tony G.: tonyg@carolinaflyin.com